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Girl of Calcutta and some related aspects are shown here. Kolkata formerly Calcutta is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of the River Hooghly, the commercial capital of eastern India.

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Calcutta was the capital of India during the British Raj until 1911, when their perception of the geographical disadvantages and a growing nationalism in Bengal led officials in exchange for the capital New Delhi. The city is known for its vibrant political culture. It was a center of the struggle for independence of India and remains a hotbed of contemporary politics.

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Women in this area are seen to wear Saree, three pieces mostly. A salwar, a kamiz and a dupatta or orna made a three pieces in combined. Most of the young girls like colorful dresses. Unmarried are seen to have Salwar Kamiz and married are Saree. Widow female are with white Saree. Shidur is an indication of whether she is married, unmarried or widow.

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Calcutta’s history is closely linked to the British company of the West Indies, who first arrived in 1690, and British India, of which Calcutta became the capital in 1772. Job Charnock was widely known as the founder of Calcutta.

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